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While many people struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, some people who have the means for it may want to cure this addiction in luxury rehab centers. Upscale, resort-like rehabs for drug and alcohol abuse provide all of the standard services offered in other rehabs, but they also include many additional services and special attention to their patients. Such upscale amenities may include private bedrooms and bathrooms, additional staff, individualized addiction therapy and features that can include:

Common addictions treated in luxury rehab centers across the U.S. include cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, Marijuana addiction, prescription drugs addiction, LSD addiction, opiates addiction, inhalants addiction, meth addiction, alcohol addiction and more.

You may wonder if you can afford a luxury drug rehab center for yourself or your loved one, such as your wife, husband, aunt, uncle, teenage son or daughter? The great news is that major insurances are typically accepted in most luxury rehabs, making them an ideal option for anyone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Browse our listings of luxurious rehabs across the U.S. so that you can find one that will cure yours or your loved one’s addiction.